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6 MORE SLEEPS til we are on our way to Hawaii!!!  I don’t know who’s more excited, me or the kiddos!  This last week has been crazy trying to get things ready to go.  When packing for 6 people that  do not SHOULD NOT pack for themselves…….it can be a bit stressful.  A good stress though…….I mean, we are headed to a tropical island!! ;)  We are also going with some really good friends of ours so it’s going to be a riot!!  The poor passengers on our plane……sorry in advance! 


Since my week has been filled with packing, I thought a good post would be all about packing!  A dear friend of mine sent me a link to a very cool blog that has a post about how to pack for 10 days in a carry-on!!  It is a very good read! I am such an over-packer.  You just never know what might come up!  I know…..silly to think that I may need to pack a jacket, sweats, jeans and boots when I am going somewhere HOT!  I just want to be prepared!  LOL!  So…..I am going to try to pack like this super smart flight attendant and that way I will have more room in my suitcase for all of the tourist junk I’m going to bring home with me!  Wish me luck!


Here is the article………

This is what she packs:

  • Three pairs of shorts
  • Three pairs of dress pants
  • One skirt
  • Three pairs of casual pants or jeans
  • Three nightgowns
  • Three bathing suits
  • One sarong
  • Three lightweight sweaters
  • Four dresses
  • 10 casual shirts
  • Six dress shirts
  • A clutch
  • Toiletries
  • Two pairs of shoes

She’ll wear the third pair of shoes, as well as jeans and a longer sweater.

I will make some minor adjustments to this list since I don’t really need jeans, pants or sweaters. (Hopefully)

This is the way she manages to pack her suitcase carefully:

  • Roll up all of your clothing tightly and set it aside
  • Shoes should be packed around the sides
  • Softer clothing that is rolled up, goes on top
  • Harder clothing rolled up, is stacked on the bottom
  • Toiletries on top
  • Anything that is wrinkle-resistant can go around the edges

And she ends up with this:

Pretty wicked eh?!!  I’m super impressed!  I hope I can do this. 


Check ya later!


P.S.  Thanks Robbi for the great article!  Check out her custom painted kids furniture HERE!  Join her on FACEBOOK!


I’m pretty sure I have the cutest neices and nephews EVER!!!  Mieko is so stinkin cute!  She is such a tiny little thing with the sweetest personality who melts my heart.  She is a celebrity when she comes to our house!  We all just adore her to death.  I think Kobe would keep her here if he could! (And so would I if Beej would let me);) 


Thanks for being patient sis!  Here are some of her snaps………………………………

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Check ya later!


May 9, 2012 - 10:33 pm

Urbanalli photography - What a sweetheart!!!!! Love these. Beautiful .


Whoa!  Almost forgot about my friday post!  Lots going on this week between newborn shoots and baton!  My girls have their provincial baton twirling championships this weekend.  We have been practicing everyday this week.  I am so proud of them and how hard they have been working.  I know they are going to do the best they can!

So this week I decided to try a couple of different recipes.  One was a maindish and one was a side dish.  The first one was a crock pot recipe which I am a HUGE fan of since it requires less work for moi!  Anything I can throw in the crock pot in the morning and let cook all day is a winner in my books.  This recipe was soooo simple and very tasty!  A favorite among my kids who eat like birds!!  I made a few changes to it since I didn’t feel like going out to get the exact ingredients.  I didn’t have red pepper flakes (which I’m sure my kids wouldn’t like anyway) so I used a teaspoon of dry mustard and 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper.  The other difference was the barbecue sauce…….it called for “Sweet Baby Ray’s” which I had a little of but not enough so I added “Cattleboyz”.  It was just as tasty!

“CROCKPOT BARBECUE CHICKEN” (Click on the name to see the recipe)

I’m not much of a food photographer but the chicken tastes better than it looks!  I promise!

My side recipe is a cucumber salad………it wasn’t that great.  I wasn’t a fan of this one.  It looks pretty but the taste was not for me.  I ended up throwing a pot of rice on too which was good with the sauce from the chicken.  Here is a picture of the finished product!


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Check ya later!


FUN FRIDAY | “When mama gets lemons………”

So I’ve decided that friday is going to be “FUN FRIDAY”.  I spend far too much time pinning delicious treats onto my “Delish” board!  I am now going to bring them to life!  During the week I am going to try to make something from my library of yummies and then I’m going to blog about it on fridays.  I’ll let you know if it is as good as it looks or if it turns out to be a disaster!  I always wonder because they all look so GOOD!!  If anything my family will be happy to have mom making something for them to snack on. 

Since today turned out to be a snowy day I decided to start today!  I tried a couple of different recipes.  The first one was Creamy Lemon Oat Bars.  They were very simple to make and luckily I had all the ingredients kickin around in my kitchen.  I followed the recipe to a “T”.  The only change I would make is instead of using cooking spray on your pan, use butter and flour.  It completely stuck to the bottom.  I have yet to use the cooking spray and had success.  Not a fan.  Or you could line the pan with parchment paper…….my absolute favorite thing in my kitchen!  Other than that they turned out great and they are a huge hit with the kiddos!

“Creamy Lemon Oat Bars” (Click on the name to see the link to the recipe)



The next recipe I tried was a yummy cookie recipe.  It’s a Lemon Crinkle Cookie.  Mine definitely don’t look like the one’s in the picture on pinterest but they taste delicious!  Apparently she won a contest with these babies.  I made sure to follow the recipe exact so I wouldn’t mess them up.  Sometimes I get carried away with other things going on around me that I forget an ingredient or two.  Hazard of having 5 kids running around my kitchen while I’m baking.;)  I found the dough to be too sticky when I was rolling them.  My suggestion would be to put the dough in the fridge for an hour or so before you roll them.  Other than that……very chewy and soft.  LoVe them.  I will definitely make them again.

Here is a picture of my finished product!

“LEMON CRINCKLE COOKIES” (Click on the name to see the link to the recipe)

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Check ya later!


April 27, 2012 - 7:28 pm

Nataly - How fun! I have a bunch of recipes that I’ve tried, photographed…and yet don’t get posted on any blog…so good for you for taking that extra step :) Someday I will have time (haha)