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On the 5th Day of Christmas…………

I saw several and experienced several random acts of kindness today.  It makes me happy to think that there are good people out there.  I even saw cops pushing an old man’s car out of a snow bank!!  Not only cops but also random strangers that were standing around.  It made me smile.

I”m so excited for tonights draw!!!  I wish I could put my name in this one!  I met Megan at a Scentsy party a while back.  She is just the sweetest!!  It was actually her first party and she was fabulous!!  I am in LOVE with these wickless candles.  Awesome banned me from burning candles since I have scatter brain and I never blow them out.  We also had black soot all over the place from burning them.  Needless to say some genius invented these babies!  You can keep the “burner” on forever and nothing burns down!!  The smells are what get me.  I have so many favorites…….too many to name them all but there are different scents for everyone’s tastes.  I’m more of  a fruity girl.  LOL!  It makes for a fun girls night out when you book a party!!  The best part……very inexpensive!!!  This would be such a great gift to give anyone.  In fact, I may have to purchase one for my hubby’s dental office.  How great would it be to walk in there and have it smell like hot apple pie?!!  Much better than “dentist” smell.  Ha……Awesome’s present is done!  Check.  They also have these new products called “scentsy buddies” which I’ve only seen on the website, but they are stuffies that smell.  My girls freaked out when I showed them.  More stocking stuffers checked off!!!  In fact…..Megan has donated one of these scentsy buddies for our giveaway tonight!!  I believe it smells like “perfectly pomegranate!!”  One of my fav’s!

Using again…………………….

And the winner is…………………………………#36


Congratulations Tammy!!!  I’ll let you know what to do next.

Everyone else……bookmark this page in your favorites and call Megan when you are ready to start the addiction!!

Thanks to all who have entered.  Please tell all of your friends and invite them to join Aneca Photography on facebook!!

Check ya later!


December 17, 2010 - 12:49 am

Mindy Jones - Merry Christmas! On here and facebook x2!

December 20, 2010 - 12:14 am

Tammy - Yayyy!!! Haven’t been checking often enough – merry Christmas to me!! Thanks TJ and Megan

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