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    Book early! I only have a limited number of sessions each month.


I think I almost forgot how to blog!!  It’s been a while.  Here’s to hoping I get better at it!


It’s that time again to start thinking about getting Family Photos taken again!  Mine are booked!  How about you?!  I will be taking on sessions between May 20th (after the long weekend since we usually get snow!) and October 15th (which is not concrete but it is my rule of thumb since we have had snow this early).  I do have a family and they are my priority so I do work around their schedules.  Sessions are booked on a first come, first serve basis.  I do try to work around your schedules as well because I do know how important family photos are!  I take a very limited amount of sessions a year so I can spend lots of time with my family.  The moments I have with them before they leave home are very precious to me and I don’t want to miss it!  It already feels like they are growing up way too fast and I don’t like it!!


To book a session with Aneca Photography, simply shoot me an e-mail at  When I receive your 50% non-refundable deposit, we will find a date that works for both of us.


I am also offering $200 off  of the Digital Family Session to the next 3 people who book their family session!




Meet Miss Olivia!  29 days new……

When I shoot a session I have certain poses that I try to get everytime.  I also like to focus on the details which I don’t usually post.  I wanted to share her little “details”.  I love gettting the shots of their little feet, lips, and eyelashes.  Something that we all stare at when we hold a brand new baby.  We examine every detail of their little face.

What a sweet baby girl who is loved by her family…..expecially her older sister.  They are going to be the best of friends!


Don’t you just love it when the frost sticks to the trees in the morning?  I do!  I remember at one of the workshops that I attended, our instructor spoke about shooting for yourself.  I always thought that meant taking pictures of my kids, which is really fun and all, but it’s also pretty stressful when they won’t do what you ask them!  This morning as I drove the kids to school, I loved how the hoar frost was everywhere!  I wish I had taken my camera with me.  By the time I got home, most of the frost had melted off the trees in my yard but I could still see it on a few branches.  So I grabbed my camera and my macro lense and went for a walk snapping away!  It was relaxing to just take some pictures without asking someone to smile or chase a little one around……I was shooting for me………


March 6, 2013 - 12:45 pm

Tiffany - So simple – so breathtaking!

March 6, 2013 - 1:12 pm

Nataly Harris - Exactly! I love shooting for myself, if nothing else than just to get out of the house when I can :)

October 18, 2013 - 8:40 pm

Alysha - Absolutely beautiful. The detail is stunning!